Do’s and Dont’s


Do’s                                        Don’ts

DO have your tank pumped out and system inspected every 2 or 3 years by a licensed septic pumper.     DON’T use your toilet as a trash can by dumping non degradable (i.e. grease, “flushable” wipes, feminine products or anything plastic).

DO conserve water, spread laundry use throughout the week and install water saving devices.

DON’T put toxic substances in your septic system such as paints, oils, acids or solvents.  These substances do not break down and could contaminate drinking water supplies.

DO learn the location of your septic system and drain field.  Keep a sketch of it handy.

DON’T ever drive cars or heavy equipment over the septic system.

DO divert roof drains and keep sump pumps away from the septic system     DON’T build over the septic field. This
includes decks, driveways and above ground swimming pools.

DO annually inspect the condition of the septic tank cover and field area

DON’T install garbage disposals.  They can cause premature septic system failures and require annual pumping of your septic tank

DO install lint traps on washing machines.
Warning signs of a failing septic system:

__  Sewage surfacing over the drain field (especially after storms).
__  Sewage back-ups in the house.
__  Lush, green growth over the drain field.
__  Slow draining toilets or drains.
__  Objectionable and undesirable sewage odors.

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